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I am Brad Pitt

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[06 Jul 2004|09:56am]
[This has been a long time coming, but I'm sure is no surprise. This journal is closed.
Thank you and goodnight.]
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Happy Birthday Nic [21 Jun 2004|12:23pm]
Work keeps me away from here most times and I find myself posting only to say a quick Happy Birthday to someone and move on.
I'd like to try to rectify that, but no promises. For today though I've got something else to write about.
I've done more things in my life than I ever really thought I would. Many dreams I had as a boy have come true again and again and I've even had to make,as an adult, new dreams to hope on. I've been lucky like that.
Everything that hasn't worked out in my life has left me with something beautiful. Nic (sorry this is late, but Happy Birthday babe) and I divorcing was horrible, but she is now one of my best friends and our children are the light of my life. I thought at the time it might kill me, and that so many dreams we'd had together were now dead. That wasn't true. Dreams live on, just not always like we think they will. I thought Lisa Marie and I would always just be friends...that dream changed too, to something more.
One dream I've had for all my life was to be an athlete. I'm not one. I'm too short to play basketball and too small to really be much use on a football team. I can't hit, so baseball and tennis are out and any other sports I play in, are for fun only.
I admire athletes, people like Roddick and Beckham and Agassi and Johnson. And last week for one brief amazing moment I ran, like an athlete, into Dodger Stadium carrying the Olympic Torch. It was indescribable. One of those moments in time that never leave you.
I know one day I'll die and I'll remember a pretty girl's laughter and my daughter's eyes and my son's voice and carrying that torch.
Makes what I do seem pretty mundane.

So, on that note, back to work. I've been taking time out of filming MI3 to give a commencement speech at a Scientology High School and present an award at the MTV Movie Awards, not to mention the little bit of time spent in complete relaxation, hanging out with Lisa and my kids.
See you soon, with hopefully more than a birthday wish...though no promises on that.
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[25 Apr 2004|12:00pm]
Happy Birthday, Renee.

Have a wonderful one.
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[17 Apr 2004|02:10pm]
Happy Birthday j_garner
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[02 Mar 2004|04:04pm]
Happy Birthday Jon Bon Jovi. The husband of the woman who loves me. ha!
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[22 Jan 2004|02:11pm]
OOCCollapse )
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Japan [20 Nov 2003|09:54pm]
So, the movie premiered in Tokyo. Pen was wonderful and flew over to be there with me, even though I missed the Gothika premiere.
She's better at this than I am really.

I don't have alot to say right now. In fact I thought there was more than this but apparently not.
I need a break, I've been working non stop for too many years.

Or maybe I need to work more so I don't think about it.
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[12 Nov 2003|01:28pm]
So, was gonna update and tell everyone I am being interviewed on Dateline friday night by Katie Couric and encourage you to watch, or at least tape it. I know Joan of Arcadia is on that night and I hear it's kickin butt.
But Jonny beat me to it. Thanks man.
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[01 Nov 2003|09:52pm]
First man ever on the cover of Marie Claire magazine.
2 different covers at that.

Is this a great honor?

Ah, and if you haven't seen my new look for my new movie, let me warn you, it involves a grayish flat top and a little more bulk than I normally carry.
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The wild times just keep on keeping on [20 Oct 2003|10:57pm]
[ mood | content ]

It was my weekend with the kids. I love when we have them, they are so much a part of me that I forget until some reporter reminds me that they are adopted. Conner is more like me than I ever imagined and Bella is too, though they are both also so much like Nic, I can see her when I look at them. They both get along really well with Pen and she loves them. Her and Bella go shopping like girlfriends. It's good.
But today I was on my own for the most part.
So, this is what Tom Cruise has done today, up to this point.
Watched the rain.
Petted the cat.
Watched the rain.
Watched the cat watch the rain.
Eaten a sandwich.
Made coffee.
Talked to Pen on the phone.
Talked to the kids and Nic on the phone.
Talked to Pen on the phone.
Eaten a piece of key lime pie.
Watched the cat watch me watch the rain.

Pen will be home later, thank god. Who knows what I might do with the whole night on my own.

This list of course, is what I did, besides, read scripts, call the agent, talk with the money men, phone directors and work my ass off in general.

and an Edit: welcome new Penelope pcruz

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[07 Oct 2003|02:58pm]
[ mood | yeah yeah yeah ]

I'm still here, though sometimes I wonder about that myself.
I'm going to write a real update tonight. At least that's the plan.
Other than that
thank you Slater for pimping me lol i feel so cheap
and hello to n_reed a wonderful girl and daughter of a friend of mine.

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This one's for Lisa Marie, because she needs to come off her break [03 Sep 2003|04:36pm]
[ mood | busy ]

I've been in Japan doing promotional appearances for The Last Samurai. The culture has become something close to my heart and I hope that we were able to do justice to their beautiful traditions.
The character was difficult for me, so different from others I've done and I'm quite proud of how it came out. Even if my kids are making fun of my hair and beard, something I suspect their mother of telling them to do. Nic's got this amazing sense of humor that most people don't see, she's full of fun and laughter and because of her, our children are the same way. I miss them alot and am looking forward to seeing them again.
Now for the Elvis part of the update.
I, Tom Cruise, crooner extraordinaire, upon meeting Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, sang a duet with him of an Elvis song.
Yes, Elvis.
We were very entertaining.
Alright, stop laughing all of you. I can sing.
I can.

Okay, I can't but I do it anyway.

keira_knightley is the spokesperson for dyslexia in Britain now. She's a lovely and talented actress and the cause is lucky to have her voice added to ours to help teach parents and teachers about this disorder.

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Some of you people are even more boring than I am [24 Jul 2003|04:53pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

I just read something on my friends page and I almost commented, but I haven't posted in awhile and decided fuck it, I'll write something.

If you're gonna make fun of someone at least have the balls to do it. Don't hide behind some line of bullshit, pretending you are just innocently commenting on the state of affairs on lj. Step up and say their name, they know you're fucking talking about them anyway. Bet on it. Because I know who you're talking about and I don't really know either of you.

I'll take a straight up "Tom Sucks", from Benicio over that lame ass whining anyday.

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While illegally downloading music [22 Jul 2003|04:49pm]
[ mood | old ]

I heard my kids in the other room arguing over who was going to tell me that my musical taste, along with a few other things about me was horribly out of date and boring and they wanted to go to thier aunt's house. Apparently my sister is more hip and less strict or something.
Out of Date?
I'm mother fucking Tom Cruise (or Brad Pitt) . I am a pop culture icon. Higher on the list than Marilyn Monroe I might add. I am perpetually cool. Kids are a built in reality check for your ego. Damn
I'm sending the brats to Lisa Marie, she can whip them into shape for me.

And I just heard that Pen and I are planning a big wedding in Malta. I guess that's why Pitt's down there taking steriods, fixing things up for us.

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haven't written in awhile and never this much at once [15 Jul 2003|01:29pm]
A few weeks ago, the strain of being apart and all the tabloid rumors getting to me and Pen, we stepped back and looked at each other and just said nothing. There was nothing to say. Maybe she’s too much younger than me, maybe I gave all the good stuff to Nic and now all that’s left is the Tom who doesn’t quite believe in love and forever like he used to. Penelope deserves better and deals with me anyway. I should marry her and don’t and I know she gets sick of that, so I thought, hell, this isn’t working and I met one of my best friends in New York city, set up a date and took her to dinner.
Yes I said her, so stop fantasizing that it was Brad, we keep our relationship to California and the Hummer. Lisa and I have more in common than I do with almost anyone and that’s what makes her one of my closest friends. A friendship I knew the minute I saw her was going to stay a friendship. Not because she isn’t beautiful, she is. She’s more beautiful in person in a stunning unforgettable way than most people. But because she’s also tough and cool and my friend. So we ate and laughed and talked about scientology, something that saved both of us.
I was one of those kids who would read a page in a book and then at the end have little to no memory of it, not understanding why, I was finally diagnosed with dyslexia, but knowing didn’t make it easier. I still had a hard time with scripts and was in the middle of filming Top Gun when I was told I’d failed the test to be a pilot, something I wanted badly. It was disappointing to think that I could pretend to be anyone and anything but couldn’t really accomplish anything that mattered to me.
It was then I found Scientology and their theory on study. I walked into their counseling session full of doubt and left with hope. About a year later I passed the aviator written test and received my piloting license. I’ve never been someone who got what they needed and went on. I’ve always wanted to help people and felt like I have to give something back to try to make it even for all that I’ve been given.
Helping kids who are like I was is what I decided to try to do. To keep even one kid from going through what I went through. I became a founding board member of the Hollywood Education and Literacy Project, a nonprofit group that uses Hubbard's teaching techniques from Scientology to help kids in a school type setting, rather than a religious one.
That’s why I was in New York in the first place, to receive and award for this. And to be honest to see Lisa Marie both perform and to talk to her.
Things ended as I said, as friends and I met Pen the next day and went to pick up the award. We talked and things are better now, she even let me drive around in the Hummer with Brad for a week. Although I did shower more than Pitt, but hell I do that anyway.
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[05 Jul 2003|11:04pm]
Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday and Gina thank you, too.

I'm actually going to write a real update tomorrow, but tonight I'm tired, so this is it.
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this is pointless [02 Jul 2003|11:37pm]
I'm supposed to update about how much I love Pen. I love you, Pen.
The rumors that we are "cuddling" in public so people will think we are still together even though we're not are not true. And they're stupid. I'm gonna assume no one reading this is stupid and not address them further.

Brad and I are finally out of the Hummer. We dropped Blue off at the homeless shelter in Beverly Hills, otherwise known as the Beverly Wilshire. There's a bar and a lot of drunks hanging out there so he fit right in.

I think I'm still considered a new person since I'm not in MBP, so that means Brad hates me. He's hurt my feelings with this and won't be getting any from me for awhile.

Why am I not having sex right now? Oh that's right I just cut Brad off...damn it.
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Don't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy [25 Jun 2003|11:03pm]
[ mood | drunk ]

Damn, the Hummer's wheels do make this long droning sound, especially when you've had enough liquor to start your own bar. Brad sings to every damn song that comes on the radio whether he knows the words or not and keeps needing to stop to take a piss.
So, that's the update. We're driving around in the black Hummer, terrorizing LA until Ed's party on saturday.
I think Brad had sex with at least one of the babes we got drunk with last night, but I'm not sure because I passed out. Tonight it's a threesome or I'm stealing the Hummer.
I need another drink.
We all got shit we want to think about and shouldn't, the alcohol helps with that.

Oh shit it's almost tomorrow...Happy One Year Brad! I love you, man.

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Poker and Balls [19 Jun 2003|07:48pm]
The weekly poker games were set to resume' this weekend, but I'm in New York and Brad's getting married to about 10 women and stringing Benicio, Harrison and I (edit: He's also got Ed, thanks for reminding me Brad) along while he does it so the game is postponed.
Besides for me to get back in time I have to cancel my dinner with Lisa Marie Presley. I know Cage, I know. Sorry it sucks man. I'm a little worried, because I think she's got bigger balls than me, but I'm gonna be brave.
Pen came with me to pick up my award tonight and made me look good.

So, the poker games will officially restart next weekend. Tell me if you want to come and if Friday or Saturday is good for you. Most votes gets it and if we're all unlucky I'll even sign on and run the thing. the gameCollapse )
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12 Monkeys Walk Into A Bar [17 Jun 2003|06:31pm]
[ mood | cheers ]

In the news are stories about yet another cloned mule and a man whose brain was saved by fetal pig cells. I just believe that there are certain boundaries that we are not meant to cross. Oh, I know. We all have someone close to us, if not ourselves, who have been saved by such fad gadgetry. But that still doesn't make it right to me.
This and the fact that Tom Brokaw and I are both being given the same award in a few days in New York City, is enough to make you start questioning what is really going on in the world. The MENTOR/National Mentoring Partnership is holding a dinner, that I'm planning on attending, I can be back in time to fuck beat Brad at poker on friday.

The bartender says hey we don't serve your kind here

And in the other corner, some scientist has now predicted that it's a 50/50 chance that we humans will murder our planet within a generation or so. It's up from a 20% chance just a few years ago. And he's introduced a fascinating new word/concept that hopefully the media will pick up on: bioerror instead of bioterror.
I'm working on getting as many movies out before this happens as possible. The Last Samuari will be in theatres in December of this year. I start filming Collateral for Michael Mann and Dreamworks, any time now. My first try at being a contract killer. That should be out for next summer. MI: 3 starts shooting January of 2004 and will be released either in December of that year or in May of the following year. Wouldn't want the world to die before I've had the chance to accumulate as much money as possible.

And so the 12 Monkeys say

And yes since, it's not going to be some mythical madmen with a weapon of mass distraction. It's just going to be one big Oops. A freakish fuck-up that frantically gets out of hand. From the promethean hands of the future I guess what we will soon see is what Stephen King meant in The Stand.

Okay, give us your kind instead

Not with a bang. But with a whimper.

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